FEMannouncement : the Mycorrhiza Emergency Fund

Announcing  the LAUNCH of an artists’ EMERGENCY mutual fund initiated by  the FEMeeting COMMUNITY!

The Mycorrhiza Emergency Fund | MISSION & VISION

Late in your bills? Need help for groceries? Must travel to a safe place?

The Mycorrhiza Emergency Fund aims to intercept and provide relief to members of our community in financial need as a result of the current global CoVid pandemic.. The name of the initiative celebrates symbiotic associations among different kinds of organisms. The FEM community aims to invest in its growing network to support its members as individuals. 

Not all governments will care for their citizens in equitable and inclusive ways; the Mycorrhiza Emergency Fund is an international safety netfor here & now within and beyond the FEMeeting network. 

No one should worry about daily expenses during this CoVid pandemic quarantine. Knowing FEMeeting provides emergency funding offers hope and relief temporary support, but crucial as we (the FEMeeting community) navigate the coming weeks or months without despair, anxiety or panic.  Some of us have professional positions; some have a temporary scholarship; some have kids; some live in a country with a public health system; some have a wealthy family; some are paying mortgages; some own a tiny flat. FEMeeting is a lively diverse community. The Mycorrhiza Emergency Fund is our effort to help and support our under-resourced community members in need.

more info: https://femeeting.com/fem-mef/

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