FEMeeting on SLSA2021 “ENERGY”: 34th Annual Meeting of the SOCIETY FOR LITERATURE, SCIENCE AND THE ARTS!

THURSDAY, September 30th (Eastern Daylight Time Zone)
09:00-10:30 Session 2F
Pre-Organized Panel: Sister Labs: FEMeeting syNERGIES
Zoom Link:…

Dalila Honorato (Ionian University, Greece)
Marta De Menezes (Ectopia Lab, Portugal)
Kathy High (NATURE Lab, United States)
Branda Miller (The Sanctuary for Independent Media, United States)
Jennifer Willet (INCUBATOR Art Lab Studio, Canada)

Launched in 2017, the network “FEMeeting: Women in Art, Science and Technology” was driven by the desire to develop and promote more direct collaboration between individuals who identify themselves as Women, independently of their sex. FEMeeting’s main purpose is to disseminate projects that are being carried out by women in order to contribute (a) to the development of research methodologies in art and science and (b) to the development of collaboration strategies that can increase knowledge sharing and bring communities together. In 2021, FEMeeting introduced Sister Labs an hybrid model of interaction between local and global, between digital and physical: where FEMeeting members address to the community of women in art, science and technology an invitation to their lab spaces. This panel includes the first triplets: Ectopia Lab in Portugal, Nature Lab in the US, and Incubator Art Lab Studio in Canada.

Join the presenters group for live Q&A!
Zoom Link:

Registration is free to independent scholars, artists, students, pensioners and employees of University of Michigan, Ann Arbor!

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