FEMeeting Teapot Chat #34

We’re launching FEMeeting 2021 Sister Labs* with a triplet event starting this Wednesday:
Marta is opening her new space for Ectopia Lab hosting the exhibition Biofriction! Jennifer and Kathy will be co-hosting the Teapot Chat Watch Party online while Marta, Dalila, Laura, Karolina, Louise and others will be live.

Join us on June 16th, 2021 at 1:30 PM NY-Windsor Time / 6:30 PM Lisbon Time!

Zoom link:https://zoom.us/j/99912981315…

For password, please go to the FEMeeting private group on Facebook or message Marta or Dalila.

Sister Labs

In 2021, FEMeeting introduces Sister Labs an hybrid model of interaction between local and global, between digital and physical: where FEMeeting members address to the community of women in art, science and technology an invitation to their lab spaces.

We are organizing teapot chats watch parties for the first triplets: Ectopia Lab (PT) led by Marta De Menezes on June 16th, Nature Lab (US) led by Kathy High on June 27th, and Incubator Art Lab Studio (CA) led by Jennifer Willet. More details on how to join the online events on the FEMeeting facebook group.

Email us if you want to join the sister labs series at marta@martademenezes.com and honorato@ionio.gr!

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