Host FEMeeting: Troy 2020

Due to the current coronavirus disease (COVID-19) worldwide situation this event has been cancelled.

NATURE Lab welcomes “FEMeeting:Troy” as we seek to combine the expertise of women in art, science and technology with local knowledge to address the issues that are unique to the North Troy ecosystem and community. NATURE Lab is a volunteer-led urban ecology education initiative, where artist/scientist teams collaborate with the community to share knowledge about the local ecosystems and the skills to intervene in creative ways. One block from the Hudson River, our NATURE Lab environmental education campus — including Collard City Growers gardens, a residency space and Freedom Square  — offers programming including community workshops, public art installations, artist residencies, research activities, and after school activities.

We look forward to this upcoming “FEMeeting:Troy” planting a seed as we network the power of local and international women in expectation for the opening of our NATURE Lab Environmental Education Center in fall 2020.

The NATURE Lab Environmental Education Center will transform a long-abandoned building on our campus into a space which will empower the public with grassroots science through its community science lab and health autonomy network. Private sessions in the day will culminate in an open community potluck and public meal and evening public talks offered by internationally renowned artists Marta de Menezes and Kira O’Reilly. For more info, check out

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