FEMeeting Praxis : Mind/Body balancing practice in time of Covid

Praxis by Isabel Burr Raty

This PRAXIS invites everyone who wishes to take a moment to comfort the self at times of covid pressures.

Drawing from a variety of worldly traditions (Taoism, Amerindian shamanism, European paganism) it proposes 1 hr. of imagination and body active training, focusing on vibration matters that can have a revitalizing yet calming effect in us.

With an emphasis in our plant, animal, mineral and sexual energy bodies we will root, circulate and expand the endless balancing possibilities inhabiting our main vital organs: heart, spleen, lungs, kidneys, liver, and glands such as pineal.

Open to every-body. No experience required. Free of costs.

To have – your phone or computer camera on, 1 chair, 1 mat or carpet to sit on the floor.

Praxis happens every Tuesday at 4pm central EU time for 1 hr, initially till June 2020. We start this Tuesday 28 April. I created this unique zoom link that serves to join everytime, no password required. 



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