FEMeeting 2020: Paris Cancelled

Dear All,

This has been a very painfull decision to take.

I had dreamt so much of this workshop and I was so thrilled to have you all together in Paris.

Many of you are already stranded and, anyway, I believe this is the wisest and best solution.

I am a strong advocate for vaccine that not only protect you but also the others, in this case protection is avoiding spreading the disease.

This said, I want to end on a positive and lighter note.

On the light side: let’s consider we are just re-enacting the NASA postponed “all women EVA” …

On the positive side: I am working on a way to do something even now, starting with the podcasts. I’ll send you more info when I have sorted that out.

I need to digest the disappointment and then I’ll start programming the future projects/activities, may be something light, remotely, for that very same week end when we should have met (if you have any input of what we could be doing, please do suggest) and for sure for 2021 if nothing before.

Thank you again for your trust and let’s keep the high spirit.

All the Best


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