FEMeeting takes place in June 15-19th, 2018. Activities will be spread over three different locations in Portugal. On June 15th, there will be four lectures on Art Research around the world, by guest speakers. This first day will be hosted by the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon.

The following day, June 16th, will include a visit to the exhibition “WAH” at the Fundação Eugénio de Almeida, in the UNESCO Heritage city of Evora, and three guest presentations on contextualizing ideologies (these travel and activities are not included in the meeting’s fee). This second day will be closed with a cocktail and celebration of  “Art, Science and Technology: 50 years of Leonardo/ISAST”. The celebration is symbolically dedicated to all women who have contributed to the development of Leonardo/ISAST through a  toast offered by Nina Czegledy (Leonardo/ISAST) and Annick Bureaud (Leonardo/OLATS). The event is planned by Cultivamos Cultura, organizer of FEMeeting 2018, and receives the support of the Fundação Eugénio de Almeida.

The core of the meeting, between the 17th and the 19th of June, will be held in the town of São Luís at the Hotel Naturarte. These days will be dedicated to the conference sessions, including all speakers, plus several social activities to encourage communication.

Only the events in Lisboa and Évora are open to the public.

June 15th – Open Sessions: Lisbon, Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa, Grande Auditorium 

13.30 – Signing in and registration for attendees.

14.00 – Welcome to Faculty of Fine Arts: Victor dos Reis, FBAUL

14.10 – Introduction and welcome to the FEMeeting 2018: Marta de Menezes, Cultivamos Cultura (PT) & Maria Teresa Cruz, CIC Digital @ UNL (PT)

14:20 – Conference presentations: “Art, Science and Technology Teaching and Practice”

  • Tarsh Bates, SymbioticA @ UWA: “About SymbioticA” (AU)
  • Jennifer Willet, Incubator Lab @ University of Windsor (CA): “INCUBATOR Lab: Re-imagining biotecnology through bioart practices”
  • Kathy High, RPI & Nature Lab @ The Sanctuary for Independent Media (US): “BioFutures: Working with Art and Science in Various Communities”
  • Victoria Vesna, Art|Sci Center @ UCLA (US): “From the Singular to the Collective: Anticipatory Art Science”

June 16th – Open Sessions: Évora, Centro de Arte e Cultura Fundação Eugénio de Almeida

14.00 – Welcome to Centro de Arte e Cultura Fundação Eugénio de Almeida: José Alberto Ferreira, Fundação Eugénio de Almeida

14.10 – Introduction and welcome to the FEMeeting 2018: Dalila Honorato, Ionian University (GR)

14:20 – Conference presentations: “Women Matters in Art, Science and Technology”

  • María Antonia González Valério, Faculty of Philosophy and Literature @ UNAM (MX): “Implications of biotechnology and ontology for a possible aesthetics”
  • Shannon Bell, Political Science Department @ York University (CA): “Transgression Revisited: From Body to Body Parts to Body Waste”
  • Monika Bakke, Philosophy Department @ Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan (PL): “A rock of one’s own: Lithic intimacy in art and science”

18.00 – Cocktail event and celebration of 50 years of Leonardo: Nina Czegledy, Leonardo/ISAST & Annick Bureaud, Leonardo/OLATS

June 17th – Naturarte – São Luís/ Odemira
9.30 – Welcome to FEMeeting closed sessions: Dalila Honorato
9.40 – Welcome to Cultivamos Cultura, Naturarte and Odemira: Marta de Menezes & Deolinda Seno-Luís

10.00-12.00 – Morning Session: Making Stories

  • Tagny Duff, “Aesth-ethics: Reflecting on the hybrid wet lab in research-creation and innovation practices in a Canadian university setting today”
  • Annick Bureaud, “Expanding the Bubble”
  • Michelle Lewis-King, “Cross-Cultural Encounters in Art, Medicine and Technology”
  • Anna Lindman, “Of ants and women: an evo devo performance on social life”
  • Helena Lowerman, “Reconnect with the canvases of old master paintings”
  • Nina Sellers, “A Feminist intervention in the history of anatomy”
  • Marta de Menezes, “Rejection as Identification”

12.00 – Free time lunch at São Luís

14.00-16.00 – Afternoon Session: Feminism and Sexuality

  • Elizabeth Littlejohn, “Documenting Trans Resistance”
  • Ebru Yetiskin, “Paratactical Feminist Curating in Istanbul”
  • Anna Jakobsson and Rosanna Gunnarsson (Konstmusiksystrar), “In the Service of Chance – Exploring Feminist Practices in Western Art Music”
  • Isabel Burr-Raty, “The Beauty Kit & Farming – Queering for recruitment”
  • Paulina Hubard, “Awakening Female Intimacy”
  • Shannon Bell, “Fast Feminist Manifesto Shoots Theory, Strips the Hyper-real into Pattern and Turns the Ugly Gaze Sublime”
  • Kathy High, “Speed, Anxiety and My Failed Gut”

16.00 – Coffee Break

17.00-19.00 – Evening Session: Speculative Futures

  • Karolina Zyniewicz, “Art&Science as a liminal state”
  • Mónica Mendes, “Art and Technology for Environmental Sustainability”
  • Vanessa Toquero, “Hybrid Tools or Future Interspecies Media Ecologies for Alternative Social Imaginaries”
  • Stephanie Rothenberg, “Trading Systems: Bio-Economic Fairy Tales of the Anthropocene”
  • Manuelle Freire, “Composer les Savoirs”
  • Regine Rapp, “Nonhuman Subjectivities and Nonhuman Agents”
  • Katayoun Chamany, “Visual Narratives of Biology, Bodies, and Beliefs”

June 18th – Naturarte – São Luís/ Odemira

10.00-12.00 – Morning Session: Questions on Nature

  • Nina Czegledy, “Reconnaissance”
  • Monika Bakke, “Efflorescence of Nonlife”
  • Marie Pier Boucher & Kira O’Reilly, “Space Feminisms”
  • Jenifer Wightman, “Original Syn Thesis”
  • Dolores Steinman, “Art and Science have their meeting point in method”
  • Laura Benítez Valero & Paula Pin, “[Im]Probability Current: Flow(s), Friction and Temporal Distortion”

12.00 – Free time lunch at São Luís

14.00-16.00 – Afternoon Session: Embodiment

  • Polona Tratnik, “Convergences and Divergences of Art, Science, and Philosophy”
  • Lena Ortega, “Empathy through atmospheres in art and science”
  • Jasna Jernejsek, “Die young and have a good-looking corpse”
  • Renata Rosado Alves, “Fern: an artistic view over the human female saliva’s arborization phenomenon”
  • Minerva Hernandez, “Collaboration as a creative inception: Performing arts, science and community”
  • Laura Beloff, “Plausible Bitch”
  • Ana Santos, “Narrative Taxidermy”

16.00-16.30 – Take stock: María Antonia González Valerio, Victoria Vesna, Laura Beloff, Minerva Hernandez & Jenifer Wightman

16.30 – Coffee Break

17.30-19.00 – Evening Session: Microbiome

  • Nicole Condon-Shih, “Crystal Lattice: Between East and West”
  • Dalila Honorato, “What am I doing here?”
  • Johanna Rotko, Living Images – Making pictures with diverse yeasts”
  • Tarsh Bates, “The Unsettling Eros of Contact Zones: Queering Evolution in the CandidaHomo ecology”
  • Joan Linder, “Drawing Dirty Dishes & Toxic Waste Sites”
  • Miria Simun, “Remaining Animal, Becoming Other: Bodies, Senses and Science”
  • Louise Mackenzie, “Pithos – (Re) considering biotechnology through myth and metaphor”

June 19th – Naturarte – São Luís/ Odemira

10.00-12.00 – Morning Session: Body

  • Ana Baleia, Maya Fernandes Kempe & Christal Kershaw, “Ateneu do Catorze”
  • Maria Francisca Abreu Afonso, “Looking Through the lens of empathy: from biology to art”
  • Jennifer Willet, “Off the Record”
  • Hege Tapio, “The Scent of a Woman”
  • Maria Manuela Lopes, “Art Making with Memory Matter”
  • Amy Youngs, “Prototyping Livable Futures”
  • Ana Teresa Vicente, “Wandering Gaze”

12.00 – Free time lunch at São Luís

14.00-16.00 – Afternoon Session: Community

  • Branda Miller, “Planting a Seed in the Urban Post Industrial Landscape”
  • Julia Bentz, “Art for Adaptation – Challenging habits and empowering youth for climate change solutions”
  • Sarah Blisset, “Recipes for earthly survival”
  • Anna Rewakowicz, “Mist Collector – Art and Science innovation project”
  • Tanha Gomes, “Inclusion and Diversity in a Feminist Artist-Run Centre”
  • Mary Maggic, “Toxic Queer”
  • Roberta Buiani, “Scattering the dots: on re-appropriating space, undoing hierarchies, and rethinking the living (and the existing otherwise)

16.00 – Coffee Break

17.00-18.00 – Closing Plenary Session

18.00-19.00 – Visit to Cultivamos Cultura and a peek to the Beauty Kit Farm.

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