Mycorrhiza Emergency Fund 

an initiative within the FEMeeting network

The Mycorrhiza Emergency Fund | MISSION & VISION

Late in your bills? Need help for groceries? Must travel to a safe place?

The Mycorrhiza Emergency Fund aims to intercept and provide relief to members of our community in financial need as a result of the current global CoVid pandemic.. The name of the initiative celebrates symbiotic associations among different kinds of organisms. The FEM community aims to invest in its growing network to support its members as individuals.

Not all governments will care for their citizens in equitable and inclusive ways; the Mycorrhiza Emergency Fund is an international safety netfor here & now within and beyond the FEMeeting network. 

No one should worry about daily expenses during this CoVid pandemic quarantine. Knowing FEMeeting provides emergency funding offers hope and relief – temporary support, but crucial as we (the FEMeeting community) navigate the coming weeks or months without despair, anxiety or panic.  

Some of us have professional positions; some have a temporary scholarship; some have kids; some live in a country with a public health system; some have a wealthy family; some are paying mortgages; some own a tiny flat. FEMeeting is a lively diverse community. The Mycorrhiza Emergency Fund is our effort to help and support our under-resourced community members in need. 

We call for solidarity across CULTURE-ART-SCIENCE workers, as well as fellow citizens who love the synthesis & blending of art, culture & science.

How Mycorrhiza Emergency Fund works: 

Initiators of the Mycorrhiza Emergency Fund are Magherita Pevere, Robertina Šebjanič, Dalila Honorato, Louise Mackenzie and Marta de Menezes who, as steering committee, will provide support and guidance to the project. We envision a donation campaign through a digital fundraising platform managed by a curator (her time to be remunerated through the fund itself) and supported by an independent advisory funding committee in order to ensure transparency to the process. The redistribution should be unbureaucratic and straightforward: when someone is in need, she can send a request. Mycorrhiza Emergency Fund is not project-based. Eligibility will be reviewed and evaluated by the advisory funding committee. The most at risk will be given priority in the allocation. The amount of aid will be determined on a regular basis by correlating the funds received and the amount of applications. The name of applicants will be anonymous as same as the name of donors – as the names are not needed, more is needed for our common care of each other. Committee members are not eligible to apply to the fund. The curator will release a monthly “report” on how the fund has been redistributed.

Please support the Mycorrhiza Emergency Fund

We need your help to set up the Mycorrhiza Emergency Fund. This is a call for: 

  • 1 person to curate the campaign and administer the transfers, 
  • 3 – 7 volunteers to form the advisory funding committee (preferentially with diverse background),
  • as many patrons as possible willing to contribute: the equivalent to 5, 15, 25, 50 or more euro donation – everything helps right now,
  • super-spreaders of this appeal to those who need help as well as those who can help,
  • and any suggestions on “how to do this work right”. 

We believe that care, love and mutual support will ultimately connect us beyond physical distancing and embody the spirit of FEMeeting transcontinental web. We hope that we all can all emerge from this moment unified by compassion, humility and a greater dignity. When things get calmer, any money left can be donated to some trustworthy ONG (environmental? research? art? you name it). 

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