FEMeeting: Paris 2020

Due to the current coronavirus disease (COVID-19) worldwide situation this event has been cancelled.


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2019 Apollo 50th anniversary has been the opportunity to dig out from the closets of history all the women that took part in the programme and contributed to the success of the Moon Landing.
2019 is also the year that saw an “all female EVA” (Extra Vehicular Activity) cancelled because there were not enough EVA space suits…suited for women onboard the ISS …
An “all women crew” still makes the headlines when it would never occur to any journalist’s mind to write about an “all men crew aboard the ISS”…
Astronomy is not doing any better that is still hugely male dominated although more and more women are starting breaking the glass ceiling.

Teaming up with the FEMeeting initiated by Marta de Menezes and Dalila Honorato in Portugal in 2018, Leonardo/Olats proposes the 2020 Leonardo Space Art, Science and Culture Workshop focusing on women.This workshop does not intend to discuss the “role” of women in astronautics and astronomy nor to try to define what a “feminine approach” to space could be. Rather, totally inline with the FEMeeting, it is to give the floor to women that work in those fields be they artists, scientists, cultural players, ingeniers and in so doing making them visible and, possibly, imagining a more balanced and non patriarcal vision of/for space.

More information soon!


Organized by

Annick Bureaud
with the contribution of Ewen Chardronnet and Susmita Mohanty

All Women Crew | Celebrating Women in Art, Astronautic and Astronomy


a Leonardo/Olats Workshop  March 20 – 21 2020
(by invitation only)

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