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FEMeeting 2019 Women in Art, Science and Technology

Following the first FEMeeting 2018 – Women in Art, Science and Technology, which took place June 15-19th, in Portugal in the locations of Lisbon, Evora and Sao Luis – Odemira, the organizers have the pleasure to announce FEMeeting 2019. The second FEMeeting – Women in Art, Science and Technology, also takes place in Portugal and its activities spread over three different locations, Vila Nova de Milfontes, Lisbon and Oporto, and is scheduled from May 30th until June 5th 2019.

FEMeeting’s aim is to bring together women from all over the world to share and disseminate their projects in arts, science and technology research. As a result many participants expressed interest to continue the meetings with FEMeeting 2019 in order to strengthen the network, contribute to the development of art-science research methodologies and grow cooperation strategies increasing knowledge sharing and bringing communities closer. In Art, Science & Technology women are a visible presence in international festivals and conferences, either working as faculty, curators, artists, scientists or having an interweaved role. The balanced numbers between genders is an undeniable phenomenon and consequently this is an interesting time to reflect on the status quo of contemporary science and art.

FEMeeting 2019 continues to emphasize that contributions to the conference are welcome from individuals who identify themselves as women, independently of their sex. The concept of woman might be considered as a challenging one as it is nonconsensual in its multiplicity of roles and arousing cultural imaging. FEMeeting is a space for the co-habitation of individuality and uniqueness. The organizers of the conference wish to provide the opportunity for the gathering and presentation of artwork and research experiences in the unspoiled environment of southwest Portugal, followed by the two days of events open to the public in Lisbon and Oporto.


Thursday, 30th of May – Colégio de Nossa Senhora da Graça in Milfontes

9.00 – Signing in and registration for attendees.

9.30 – Welcome to FEMeeting closed sessions – Dalila Honorato

9.40 – Welcome to Cultivamos Cultura, Naturarte and Odemira – Marta de Menezes and Deolinda Seno-Luís


Morning Session I: Cards on the table

10.30  – The Center for Genomic Gastronomy: working creatively in the hedgerow between art and science – Cathrine Kramer

10.45 – Politicizing DNA: explorations of the ethical, legal, and social implications of direct-to-consumer genetics – Hined Rafeh

11.00 – The 7th Sense – Marta de Menezes

11.15 – Climate Change and Resistence – Cosima Herter

Coffee- break

Morning Session II: Sense of sensibility

11.45 – Slowing Perception – Ellen Levy

12.00 – Feeling bacterial today? – Nathalie Dubois Calero

12.15 – Aesthetics of a microbial planet: rendering visible the invisible in art and biology. – Mariana Perez-Bobadilla

12.30 – Gold-Diggers: Cupriavidus-Aurifactorem (Shaking a Wonder Maker) – Clarissa Ribeiro

12.45 – STEMarts Lab: Merging art, science, technology and nature through artist-led interdisciplinary collaborations – Agnes Chavez

Lunch break

14-16:00 – Visit to Cultivamos Cultura

Friday, 31st of May – Colégio de Nossa Senhora da Graça in Milfontes

Morning Session I: Looking good

9.00 – Signing in and registration for attendees.

9.30 – Her pleasure  – Dipali Gupta

9.45 – The Hygiene Hypothesis in Art – Rachel Mayeri

10.00 – Cyberwitches manifesto – Lucile Olympe Haute

10.15 – Dirty Panties Deck: the card spread – Dalila Honorato

10.30  – Projecting the new liminal „self” – Karolina Żyniewicz

10.45 – What does post-feminist internet art look like? – Yeon Kyoung Lim

11.00 – Careermaking as biohacker, or how to become a slime mold – Maya Minder

11.15 – The artist is a woman. I am a woman of the wood. – Alan Tod

Coffee- break

Morning Session II: Feeling great

11.45 – Engaging Art, Science and Empathy (EASE): An interdisciplinary art and science approach to ameliorating the gendered experience and treatment of chronic pain – Jane Prophet

12.00 – A Year On – Dolores Steinman

12.15 – Qìscape: A Sonic Performance Series Investigating the Chinese Medical Body – Michelle Lewis-King

Lunch break

14-16:00 Field trip

Saturday, 1st of June – Colégio de Nossa Senhora da Graça in Milfontes

Morning Session I: Questions and doubts

9.00 – Signing in and registration for attendees.

9.30 – Is (bio) art relevant? – Ionat Zurr

9.45 – Consensus, political correctness and staying within one’s comfort zone – Laura Belloff

10.00 – Questioning Scientific Knowledge. Proposition for Sensible Methodologies and Visual Productions of Doubts – Michela Villani

10.15 – Artistic research as wisdom? Some reflections about knowledge views in (bio) art and academia – Nora Vaage

10.30  – Sci-art Expanded: Women in the Lab, the Clinic and the Field – Merete Lie and Lisa Cartwright

10.45 – Southern Identities Laboratory: Caminhos dos desejos between art, science and technology – Cecilia Vilca

11.00 – Sciart as catalyst: new ways to cope with complex phenomena – Roberta Buiani

11.15 – Artistic identity – when I’m enough? – Heidi-Annica Ljungqvist

Coffee- break

Morning Session II: Listening time

11.45 – Transcending the Binary- Sensory and Spatial Koans in the Land of 1s and 0s – Liz Lessner

12.00 – Re/sound the un/seen – Clio Flego

12.15 – Faces: microbiome and artistic eternity – Maria Francisca Abreu Afonso

12.30 – Hot Spots: Radioactivity and the Landscape – Joan Linder

12.45 – The Apnoea Project – Helena Ferreira

13.00 – The Pathetic Sublime – Disorientation, Kinesthetic Empathy and Weird Embodiments – Sarah Hermanutz

13.15 – Eco-Erogenous Para-Pharmaceutics and Trans-personal Unisex Cosmetics – Isabel Burr Raty

13.30 – Andrea’s Room: Entangled Realities – Claudia Jacques

13.45 – What’s the big idea? – Wendy Tyrer

Free afternoon

Sunday, 2nd of June – Colégio de Nossa Senhora da Graça in Milfontes

Morning Session I: Parallel movements

9.00 – Signing in and registration for attendees.

9.30 – From Grid to Rhizome: Invisible Cities – Andrea Gogova

9.45 – The Sedimentation of the Digital Object – Susana Gómez Larrañaga

10.00 – Augmented reality as an alternative form of art exhibiting – Anastasiia Melai

10.15 – Picturing light on Earth – Pepa Ivanova

10.30  – Sense Circuit – Jacqueline Simon

10.45 – Incident Energy Project : Thermal Imaging as an Art Form – Marne Lucas

11.00 – Cultivating Microbial Narratives – Cynthia White

Coffee- break

Morning Session II: Colored signs

11.45 – Transitions – Ana Barroso

12.00 – Biosensor Color Signaling – Carolyn Angleton

12.15 – Luminescense – Rebecca Cummins

12.30 – Case Studies of Intra-Flux – Saša Spačal

12.45 – Shared Passions: an intersectional and performative exploration between how science fiction influences and co-creates the world we live in & how perceptions are transformed within affective networks – Nina Czegledy, Jimena García Álvarez-Buylla and Sanja Vodovnik

Free afternoon

Monday, 3rd of June – Colégio de Nossa Senhora da Graça in Milfontes

Morning Session I: Intertwined spaces

9.00 – Signing in and registration for attendees.

9.30 – Beginning endless forms – Kris Casey

9.45 – Resistance Island – Elizabeth Littlejohn

10.00 – Photons of Mars, a spectrum of perspectives on Martian photography. – Minna Långström

10.15 – Becoming Celular Self: Organized Rehearses of Acquired Experience – Maria Manuela Lopes

10.30  – In dialogue with our bodies: becoming embodied knowers – Teresa Almeida and Giulia Tomasello

10.45 – The Modern Promethea – Joana Magalhaes

11.00 – Commodification of ethics – Hege Tapio

11.15 – Medicine for Misandry and other social, anatomical and pharmacological experiments – Cat Jones

Coffee- break


Morning Session II: Collaboration methods

11.45 – A Cure for Concrete – Sujata Majumdar

12.00 – Quasi-Nature: Bio Art, Borderline and Laboratory – Jo Wei

12.15 – Setting up a collaborative workspace at the intersection of art, biology, ecology and DIY practices at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne – Verena Friedrich

12.30 – Towards a Living Lab on Art and Technology for Sustainability – Mónica Mendes

12.45 – The scientist, the writer and the (wo)man of faith – Paz Tornero

13.00 – Better Living Through Disaster Technology – Stephanie Rothenberg

13.15 – Genetic games of chance: Hox Zodiac Explorations of Our Animal Selves – Victoria Vesna

13:30 – Closure of closed sessions

Lunch break

After 3pm workshops:

Maya Minder “Son mas! DIY Fermentation”

Jacqueline Simon “Sense Circuit”

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