Sister Labs III

Join us for the grand virtual opening of INCUBATOR Art Lab Studio!

INCUBATOR Art Lab is a physical and theoretical hub, and art/science laboratory at The University of Windsor, Canada. Founded in 2009 by Dr. Jennifer Willet, it functions both as an apparatus in which environmental conditions can be controlled towards the assisted growth of life, but also as a site that supports the development of new ideas and artistic practices.

Physically and metaphorically INCUBATOR serves as a site for innovative productive and performative imaginings of biotechnology as a technology of the body – a complex ecology – that implicates each of us intellectually and biologically in the continued propagation of the life sciences.

On September 15th we will have our Virtual Watch Party, with Kathy High and Marta de Menezes. The link are below:

Starting 03:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) | 8:00 PM Lisbon Time
Zoom Link:

Follow our group on facebook where the access password will be available:

Reminder: the INCUBATOR streaming will take half an hour, but the watch party will last an hour 😉
We wait for you!

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