Workshops’ Hosts

Taos Pueblo Education & Training Division

Through our strong culture and ancestral roots, we have the resiliency today to build and sustain a multi-generational, life-long learning educational pathway based on traditional knowledge and core values while integrating contemporary and emerging teaching and learning techniques. TPETD is willing to host a talk, demo or workshop for Taos Pueblo members.



HIVE’s mission is to support connecting rural Taoseños and neighbouring northern New Mexico communities to online careers and the digital economy, while also supporting small business innovation and providing an entrepreneurial support centre. HIVE us willing to host a demo or workshop open to the Taos community.


STEMArts Lab 

Empowering youth through art science and technology with a focus on rural and underserved communities. STEMarts Lab is willing to host a 2 hour demo or workshop at a school (middle or high school ages 13-19).

STEM Santa Fe

STEM Santa Fe advocates for, develops and provides STEM programming, mentoring and resources for all youth, especially underrepresented groups in STEM, to realize their potential and expand their opportunities in a dynamic world.
STEM Santa Fe envisions a world filled with analytical citizens exploring complex issues for the betterment of society. STEM Santa Fe will host a 2-3 hour hands-on workshop for a small group of up to 15 girls ages ranging from 12-16 years old. 

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