FEMeeting 2018: Catalogue and Images

Catalogue for FEMeeting 2018

(international conference)
assembled by the FEMeeting 2018 Organizing Committee, with the support of Cultivamos Cultura (PT) and the Center for Research in Communication Information and Digital Culture (PT) and in partnership with Fundação Eugénio de Almeida (PT), Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa (PT) and Leonardo/ISAST (US)

FEMeeting: Women in Art, Science and Technology had its opening in 2018, recognizing that the concept of woman might be considered challenging, as it is nonconsensual in its multiplicity of roles and arousing cultural imaging. Today, women in art & science women are a visible presence at international festivals and conferences, whether it’s working as faculty, curators, artists or scientists, or several of the above. As the balance in numbers between genders is an undeniable phenomenon, FEMeeting calls for contributions that reflect on the status quo of contemporary science and art.

Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Amy Youngs, US; Annick Bureaud, FR; Charissa N. Terranova, US; Dalila Honorato, PT/GR; Dolores Steinman, CA; Hege Tapio, NO; Isabel Burr-Raty, CL/BE; Jenifer Wightman, US; Jennifer Willet, CA; Joan Linder, US; Kathy High, US; Kira O’Reilly, IE/FI; Laura Beloff, FI/DK; Lena Ortega, MX; Louise Mackenzie, UK; María Antonia González Valerio, MX; Maria Manuela Lopes, PT; Maria Teresa Cruz, PT; Marie Pier Boucher, CA/USA; Marta de Menezes, PT
Mary Maggic, USA/AT; Minerva Hernandez, MX; Mónica Mendes, PT; Monika Bakke, PL; Nina Czegledy, CA; Nina Sellars, AU; Polona Tratnik, SI; Regine Rapp, DE; Roberta Buiani, CA; Sarah Blissett, UK; Shannon Bell, CA; Tagny Duff, CA; Tarsh Bates, AU; Victoria Vesna, USA; Ana Baleia, PT; Ana Santos, PT; Ana Teresa Vicente, PT; Anna-Isaak Ross, US; Anna Jakobsson, SE; Anna Rewakowicz, PL/CA/FR; Anna Lindemann, US; Branda Miller, US; Ebru Yetiskin, TR; Elizabeth Littlejohn, CA; Helena Loermans, NL/PT; Jasna Jernejsek, SI; Johanna Rotko, FI; Julia Arimany, ES; Julia Bentz, AT/PT; Karolina Zyniewicz, PL; Katherine Behar, US; Laura Benítez Valero, ES; Maria Francisca Abreu Afonso, PT; Manuelle Freire, FR; Maya Fernandes Kempe, PT; Michelle Lewis-King, CN; Miriam Simun, US; Nicole Condon- Shih, CN/US; Paulina Hubard, MX; Renata Rosado Alves, BR/PT; Rosanna Gunnarsson, SE; Stephanie Rothenberg, US; Tanha Gomes, CA; Vanessa Toquero, ES

Scientific & Artistic Committee
Maria Teresa Cruz, PT; Marta de Menezes, PT; Leonor Saúde, PT; Dalila Honorato, PT/GR; Shannon Bell, CA; Kathy High, US; María Antonia González Valério, MX; Ionat Zurr, AU; Jenifer Wightman, US

Organizing Committee:
Marta de Menezes, PT; Dalila Honorato, PT/GR

Cultivamos Cultura Team:
Claudia Figueiredo, PT; Luis Graça, PT; Ricardo Guerreiro Campos, PT; Diana Aires, PT

Municipio de Odemira, PT; Naturarte Turismo Rural, PT; Direção Geral de Cultura do Alentejo, PT; Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, PT


Moments by Hege Tapio in Évora… Hosted by Centro de Arte e Cultura – Fundação Eugénio de Almeida. Celebrating the Leonardo 50th Anniversary!

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