FEMeeting Teapot Chat #23

Marta and Dalila will be hosting a brief videochat on Wednesday Dec 16, 2020 at:
10am LA/Vancouver, 12pm Mexico City/Galapagos Islands, 1pm NY/Toronto/Easter Island, 3pm Greenland, 6pm Lisbon/London, 7pm Madrid/Ljubljana, 8pm Athens/Johannesburg, 9pm Istanbul/Moscow, 11pm New Delhi, 5am (+1) Tasmania, 7am (+1) Antarctica South Pole

Zoom link https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89595477991?pwd=L1NiZGZxRHhZZjBMMUppODUwcWI3QT09

For password, please go to the FEMeeting private group on Facebook or message Marta or Dalila.

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