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On behalf of FEMeeting and the organizing teams of “FEMeeting 2020: Paris” and “FEMeeting 2020: Troy” we are launching a call for 2 minute video podcasts in response to the upcoming events brought by the COVID-19 crisis.

This call is to the entire FEMeeting community: all Women in Art, Science & Technology. Send your video until April 15th!

In short: let’s be creative, open and do something together! The videos will be “housed” on a youtube channel (to get social media traction) and on a vimeo account (for better quality and archival purposes and no ads) and placed on a channel dedicated to FEMeeting, the Leonardo/Olats and FEMeeting websites.

Please send your SHORT 1-2 minutes videos (mpeg4 files) until the 15th of April via (max 300 MB) or another free file transfer platform. Send to Kathy High ( and Pavel Tavares ( Send your info along (name, affiliation, photo and 100 words short bio) and please specify if you want your video to be public – or private. We encourage “public” to get the FEMessage out but we are here for you and appreciate any feedback.

To make lemonade from lemons, here are some prompts but please know this is an open discussion:

• Viral contamination and confinement

• DIY methods in response to the virus – make a hand sanitizer and face mask, select herbs to boost your immune system

• Ways to promote heal and healing

• Fighting fear

• Activate community support

• Explode the virus – envisioning a new future

• How is this a viral moment?

• How can we plant a seed?

• How to transform a virus?

Organizing committee:

Annick Bureaud

Kathy High

Dalila Honorato

Marta de Menezes

Branda Miller


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